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Burl East on Strategic Investor Radio

Burl East, CFA, Chief Executive Officer of American Assets Capital Advisers, speaks on Strategic Investor Radio with Charley Wright. Mr. East discusses AACA’s unique long short strategy focused on companies believed to have monopolistic pricing models, barriers to exit for the tenant, limited new suppliers, and other key indicators. Click here to listen now.

Burl East on a Special Edition of STA Money Hour

Burl East, CFA, Chief Executive Officer of American Assets Capital Advisers, was interviewed on a special edition of STA Money Hour by Michael Smith and Luke Patterson. Mr. East talks about the current outlook on real estate in general and where AACA sees value and risks. Mr. East also talks about his current “long-short” real estate securities fund […]

Burl East Interviewed by Forbes

Burl East, CFA, Chief Executive Officer of American Assets Capital Advisers, was interviewed by Steve Schaefer of Forbes. Mr. East talks about AACA’s unique investment strategy and how it seeks to benefit from trends like Pokémon GO. Click here to read the interview

REITs vs. Your Home

Many people don’t have an investment allocation to real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) because they believe they already have “enough” exposure to “real estate” through ownership of their home. REITs and your home are very different asset classes with very different characteristics. REITs invest primarily in commercial real estate, which is any non-residential property used […]

The Wave of Private Capital Behind Public REITs

Flush with record levels of cash, many private capital real estate managers are buying up publicly traded real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) to take advantage of the gap between public REITs and private real estate valuations. Historically, commercial real estate in the private market has usually transacted at, or near, fair value (or else the […]

Imperial Government

As real estate securities analysts, most of the things we do have some basis in being knowable. For example, we analyze business plans, visit assets, build models, talk to tenants and reach conclusions about a company’s portfolio, prospects, management and stock valuation. While none of this is completely knowable, it’s partly knowable. In the last […]

A Tale of Two Stocks

A tale of two stocks and a tale of two investors that, we believe, demonstrate the sometimes illogical nature of perceptions and how those perceptions can drive valuation. The stocks are BioMed Realty Trust (BMR) and Alexandria Real Estate Equities (ARE). They are the only two public companies currently focused on ownership of lab/life science space […]