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White Papers: Portfolio Management

A look at how REIT exposure may enhance risk adjusted portfolio returns. Over the years we have had countless conversations with investors regarding their exposure to public real estate, primarily if, and how much to allocate. The purpose of this whitepaper is to frame the question within the rigor of the Markowitz Mean Variance Efficiency […]

Press Release: Ernest Rady Commits $100 Million to Benefit the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego

Ernest Rady, co-owner and co-founder of AACA, announced that the Rady Family Foundation has made a $100 million commitment to UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management.  Ernest and the Rady Family Foundation also gave $30 million to help establish the school in 2004 and gave an additional $5 million towards the school’s campus expansion. Download Press […]

Burl East on a Special Edition of STA Money Hour

Burl East, CFA, Chief Executive Officer of American Assets Capital Advisers, was interviewed on a special edition of STA Money Hour by Michael Smith and Luke Patterson. Mr. East talks about the current outlook on real estate in general and where AACA sees value and risks. Mr. East also talks about his current “long-short” real estate securities fund […]

Income Density

Income Density We like to focus on companies that own assets that we believe are unique to the tenant or user and are difficult if not impossible to replicate.  In the retail sector, one metric we focus on is what we call “income density.” Retailers, especially large national retailers, have very sophisticated demographic data and […]